Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hi to all my readers. I haven't used this blog much since I graduated. In the meantime I've been lecturing and providing tuition, not really having the time to concentrate on keeping this updated.

I'm looking to update this blog and use it more over the following year to support students. I'll be archiving some of it and creating a section on international law, which is where my study and research interests lie.

Please feel free to offer any suggestions as to how this site may improved. When I first started this blog the University didn't provide much in the way of support for students, hence this blog filled a gap. The University now though is providing more support in social media and on the VLE, so I've decided to use this site from a different angle.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Case Note Lecture Available for Valilas v Januzaj [2014] EWCA Civ 436

As you should be aware time is approaching to submit the case note for CLRI. London Law Lectures has recorded a lecture which cover the specifics of the case note. It's only £10 to access the lecture and would provide students with some worthwhile information in submitting the case note.

It can be accessed via the following link ... London Law Lectures

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Law Tuition

My tuition page has gone live. As recent graduates scoring 2.1 both Mahesh Nanwani and myself are offering tuition via Skype on a number of subjects. The tuition is geared around how to answer questions in a structural way.

Follow the link and feel free to get in touch. Feel free to get in touch.

LondonLLB Tuition

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

This website is going through the process of being re-organised with more of a focus upon support for laws students.

Over the next few days the format of the site shall change ... the blog will still be available and will show more subject specific links and recent updates.

There shall be support in particular for first year students and also an emphasis upon Public International Law and Jurisprudence on one of the links which are my main interests.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Degree Completed

It is with great pleasure that this chapter of my life has now been completed. I received my results on Wednesday and graduated with a 2.1. This was my target classification, with three teenagers and a job a first was never going to be possible without huge sacrifices in the family department, which I was never going to give.

It feels like an immense achievement. This time last year I was very down as regards my studies as I'd had a bad result in my Trusts exam. I was very capable of doing the exam but had two bereavements in the week leading up to the exam and so was not ready. The result led me to believe for a long while that I couldn't achieve a 2.1, it had dragged my overall score down.

However which encouragement from a number on the Facebook groups, but most notably Anne Street, Simon Askey and Sher Muhamed Khan, I was told that a 2.1 was still achievable through working hard the final year and aiming for 60's. I had a target of achieving two grades above 60 out of my three final subjects, I am happy to say that I achieved 68, 63 and 60 in my final year, leading me not just to scrape a 2.1 but to go over and above the borderline.

I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me during these studies, there are far to many people to name individually, so wouldn't want to miss anyone out. I have always had a long term goal of doing a PhD, my next step is the LLM with the University of Birmingham in International Law: Crime, Justice and Human Rights

I intend to revamp this blog, having been absent from here for a few months now. It shall have a focus upon my studies in International law but shall also keep the sections and support for the London LLB.

Thank you to everyone who has been there over the years.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

May Update

Well with the exception of LSP1 and my Dissertation exam it's all over and what a ride. Having spent six years studying law with UoL it's as if there is hole that needs filling.

This blog has been a help in writing down my thoughts and feelings. I haven't really been in touch with it over the last year, partly as things have been hectic and partly because some interest may have waned in keeping it up to date. I intend to revamp the blog over the summer and provide some support links for new students.

It's interesting seeing new students join the Facebook groups, which have grown to a little over 5,000 on the Intermediate group and a little under 5,000 students on the Finals group. When I first set up the groups there were a handful of us, I didn't expect it to be as large as it has. I intend to stay on in the background of the admin role of the groups and see if any new keen students wish to help with running as they are a good support network.

I have two offers (Birmingham and Gloucestershire) to study International Criminal Law on a Taught Masters in September so I shall still be around. I may add some features to this blog to incorporate that too, but keep the main content UoL LLB based. I have also registered for a summer course for a foundational teaching qualification as I intend to start teaching law at some level next year, so would like to keep this blog running for anyone who needs support.

I'll be posting more on here through the summer and will update some new features. In the meantime I hope that your exams have gone well and best of luck for those who have exams left to do.