Thursday, 10 November 2011

Issues with Land Law Study

I've been a bit quiet on here of late, mainly due to the time constraints of study.

I have to be honest i've been finding land law a struggle, i guess as it's a completely new subject there seems so much to initially learn. I was told that with land law it all fits together and it now seems to be doing so. Each chapter of the study guide seems to compliment the previous and fits together piece by piece.

I've recently read a blog post by Legalyankie, a fellow London LLB student, who makes some good points regarding his study method.... Study Methods for Studying Law

What he suggests is to immerse yourself in the subject, even if you don't quite understand it. I think he makes a good point, i've been trying this the last few days, especially with the further readings suggested in the study guides. Due to time constraints i cannot seem to find the time to study indepth these journal articles, but find if i just read them they tend to compliment the essential readings and always get something out of them even though i don't tend to take notes on them

I'd also suggest the following article as a good read ,'Defining the scope of actual occupation under the LRA 2002: some recent judicial clarification' Barbara Bogusz (2011) It highlights some recent cases in defining 'actual occupation'.

I'm feeling a little more confident now with land law and take on board Legalyankie's suggestion of immersing myself in the subject.


  1. Yep.. there's a lot to be said for the immersion technique... I definitely recommend it.

    And legal yankie knows what he's talking about... I think he's studied or taught most subjects out there!! :-)

  2. He certainly does know what he's talking about.